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  • Before taraweeh = short advice
  • After Taraweeh = Rememberance of death
  • Main program = Talk, Zikr & dua
  • Tahajjud = Zikr & dua
  • After Fajr = Short advices & Masnoon duas
  • Before Dhuhr = Advices for a Happy Married life
  • After Dhuhr = Discourses of Hazath Moulana Hakim Akhtar Saheb (RA) & various Akaabir
  • After Asr = Tafsir 


Date Topic  Play  Download 
20th day  Before i'tikaaf  Download
21st night Before Tarawih Download
21st night After Tarawih Download
21st night Main_Seclusion Download
21st night Tahajjud Download
21st day After Fajr Download
21st day Before Dhuhr Download
21st day After Dhuhr Download
21st day After Asr Download
22nd night Before Tarawih Download
22nd night After Tarawih Download
22nd night Main_Self Retribution Download
22nd day After Fajr Download
22nd day Before Dhuhr Download
22nd day After Dhuhr Download
22nd day After Asr Download
23rd night Before Tarawih Download
23rd night After Tarawih Download
23rd night Main_Adopting humility Download
23rd night Tahajjud Download
23rd day  After Fajr_Duas when leaving home Download
23rd day  Before Dhuhr Download
23rd day  After Dhuhr Download
23rd day  After Asr Download
24th night  Before Tarawih Download
24th night  After Tarawih Download
24th night  Main_Replaying ones actions & words Download
24th day After Fajr_Blessings of Bismillah Download
24th day Before Dhuhr Download
24th day After Dhuhr Download
24th day After Asr Download
25th night Before Tarawih Download
25th night After Tarawih Download
25th night Main Download
25th night Tahajjud Download
25th day After Fajr Download
25th day Jumuah Download
25th day After Asr Download
26th night Before Tarawih Download
26th night After Tarawih Download
26th night Main Download
26th day After Fajr Download
26th day Before Dhuhr Download
26th day After Dhuhr Download
26th day After Asr Download
27th night Before Tarawih Download
27th night After Tarawih Download
27th night Main_Dua after every salaah Download
27th night Tahajjud Download
27th day After Fajr Download
27th day After Dhuhr_Marriage prog continued Download
27th day After Asr Download
28th night Before Tarawih Download
28th night After Tarawih Download
28th night Main_The Gardens of Marifat Download
28th day After Fajr_Istighfar Download
28th day Before Dhuhr Download
28th day After Dhuhr_Marriage continued Download
28th day After Asr Download
29th night Before Tarawih Download
29th night Tarawih khatam dua Download
29th night Main Download
29th night Bay'at Program Download
29th night Tahajjud Download
29th day After Fajr Download
29th day Before Dhuhr Download
29th day After Dhuhr_Marriage continued Download
29th day Final Advices & Dua Download
1st Shawwaal Eid Gah_Sunford Grounds Download